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Breakfast Cereal Packaging




About this Project:

Design Rationale
In the beginning Emily Davitt faced struggles of solving the problem before examining what the problem was about. Struggling with this she managed to work out what was needed in order to be able to begin the task. She approached the design problem by targeting 3 things – she couldn’t figure out what she thought that consumer would need when looking at the target
audience. Would they need an on the go breakfast which she thought Topaz would possibly be able to keep handy when her and the family are on the road and being a mum she may or may not have time to make breakfast and relax the fold out table. Emily thought of a few different packaging ways and ideas that could be sustainable like the resealable bag but also the even the portion control with the serving sizes.

Emily wanted to make it clear and easy to read for allergy contents as a consumer herself struggles sometimes finding meals and snacks that don’t contain the allergy that her partner has. She wanted to make it clear and on the front of all three packages. She thought Topaz having kids with possible allergies this would be very handy if she was in a rush at the supermarket and didn’t have much time to stress over what had or what didn’t have the allergies she would be worrying about.

Everyone in todays society also look towards portion control and making sure that things are healthy and the best option for them and their families if they have a family. When you have a family its always making sure that they look after themselves also and making sure they are getting all the nutrition they need when starting out the day. Consumers look at how many calories they need to eat a day and now we are seeing a lot more of how much adults should be eating each day. It is shown on menus at fast food restaurants and even in Deli’s now at Woolworths (Ocean Grove). These breakfast options being the satchels and the to go cups would be helpful in not needing to think or put much effort into making a healthy meal for breakfast and how many calories are going in to it.

The final choice was based on the feedback given to Emily Davitt when she gave out her user tests and came back with the one for Sealable, one for the Satchels (box) and three for the To Go. This Test helped Emily decide which product and packaging to focus on.

Work in Progress:

  • Have more images that relate to the cereal, adapt for other cereals. Make images better quality


The first Pitch Stylescape design shows the story of a mother wanting to be environmentally friendly and wanting to use a more environmentally friendly packaging design. However, the audience and feedback given did not connect anything like that so to make it more of a “story” the image below shows the idea of a refill and resealable package. Also “Franklin Gothic Book” was not able to be downloaded so the formatting is a bit different. Also having trouble making the image top quality. Would love to do the same but for “Kellogg’s Corn Flakes”


To Fix:


  • I prefer version 2 of your edited style-scapes as I think having less screens on the page give the scape better ‘flow’, and as the hero screen I would perhaps try using the nutritional information page, rather than the landing page as you can then demonstrate the value that this app brings

  • Red star banner, possibly distracting from your strong colour pallet, although to keep this information on the screen you could try layering type with different opacities to subtly convey this information

  • Could do one solid colour for the background and have white text on top, to mirror the packaging itself.

  • Typography better suits the breakfast you are using.

  • You should ask Hamish about a mock he used for this assignment as it seems similar to what you are using and may help create imagery that implements your design onto a photo-realistic mock-up.


  • Edited version 2 and as the hero screen; the nutritional information page

  • Red star banner changed to a transparency to be still there but more in the background.

  • One solid colour for the background and have white text on top, to mirror the packaging itself.


Assignment 1 - Cereal

Assignment 2 - Cereal

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