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Studio Em International


About this Project:

The Creation of Studio Em International Website is to share Emily Davitt’s Brand when it comes to herself. She created the website with mostly Black and White colour/tones and saw purple as a good idea in adding a pop of colour into the website keeping the main focus on what she is offering. A service in Graphic Design and commission work for those needing a brand identity and a name for themselves. Although the client may not use the final work it gives them something they can work off or work with in the  future.

The service will cost money however being an amateur graphic designer at the moment while still at university and learning the ropes, her rates won’t be high. They will range from $$-$$$ depending on the request.

Creating this website in a day will need work over time. But in the hours from 3pm on a Thursday afternoon until 11.30pm in the evening she eventually was able to like what she created. The video on the home/about page can be changed eventually to her Trailer of her business but she for now thought to have her animation on her page. She isn’t too sure about giving her location out there as she is still small and most of her dealings will be online in email, Instagram and Facebook and seeing the client will be a very off chance unless they need to talk face to face.

She will possibly alter her trailer video along the line by taking out the information on where its located and maybe change it to “Geelong” instead of Ocean Grove. But this is only a thought for now. She shares her Facebook and Instagram that were made on the 15/08/19 along with the website. The names were available which also makes all the setting up easier too. However, for the website, the long name for the webpage didn’t fit “international” didn’t fit so Studio Em is also appropriate.

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