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About this Project:

Little something for @hutchfx5 Instagram, designs for her brand and more exciting things to make for her and create with her! Stay tuned!! Her stuff is amazing! Don’t forget to check it out!!

Hutch Effects is a special effects artist who creates the best looks in gore and other special creations. Making her a new animation for her introductions to videos and other platforms she may use and need a logo and an identity look.

This Look is to be like a horror effect as that's her main focus in the way of what she does when it comes to creating her looks.


About @hutchfx5

It was the day before halloween, a creation was inevitable so I sought inspiration through the work of others. Film, TV and all the gruesome elements of the macabre were wilfully and heavily devoured throughout the course of that All Hallows' eve until I could feel it's twisting shadows draw and take root within my soul.

I began experimenting with materials to create my own gore without the specialist party store concoctions and have continued to do so.

Friends and family were transformed into all manner of creatures so as to create a collection of ghastly visual skills fit to shock and inspire the masses.

As my skills and knowledge grow through continued experimentation and collaboration so does my thirst for the creation of creatures so far unheard off and realistic demonstration of victims to inspire more and more people to allow a left of centre hobby to become a passion

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