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Cube Deakin



About this Project:

Introducing the new service, website and app - ‘‘Nidus’’.


Cube Deakin are an upcoming facility in need of a bright, colourful, creative, welcoming and inspiring new look to their brand. They have the creative minds in their space and need to show that through a fresh look and a unique look like
no other brand and business. As being a Deakin University branch, they look to have the same goals and outcomes for CUBE Deakin as they do for Deakin University. Bringing intellectuals to a safe, fun and creative space they need to give off that same vibe in their Logo and Tag line with the accommodating applications.

To Fix:


  • Where the background meets the hair and focus on defining these two from each other unable to change this for some reason – unsure why.

  • Perhaps a smaller scale on the logo for the second page; one that is aligned with the cap height in “CUBE DEAKIN” would appear best as one cohesive title.

  • I like the font used on your first attempt of the poster. The thick weight and tight leading make it quite bold and very clear. One thing that Rax had mentioned is that the website does not need to have the ‘www.” in front of it – remove it.

  • In addition, increasing the leading between “Deakin” and “We Provide, We Create” will separate the two elements more and improve the sense of hierarchy.

  • The reduced amount of text on your new second poster makes it clearer and easier to read. I think the brighter one is better as the soft off-white colour really pops. It is calmer than the original and caters for an older audience. Well done.


  • Used grids

  • Gave a hierarchy to the CUBE DEAKIN, the logo and We Provide, You create!

  • Used the brighter one but also edited it a little in terms of colour of the skin.

  • Changed the date to be on one line.

  • Used both cartoon and real person poster, changed the font on the cartoon poster for better hierarchy.

cube cartoon.png

Assignment 2 - Cube

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