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Here you will find folio work, check out our Instagram for more updated content!

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Studio Em International is about helping other brands and companies create their look and design.

Studying a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at Deakin University. Gaining Experience and learning about visual communication and design.

In the future Emily Davitt, will be going to learn more about film and audio at an institute or university to better her skills.

Emily Davitt specialises in Videography, Photography and Graphic Design. She has her own YouTube channel found at emily davitt or in the link in her description on her Instagram @_emilydavitt

Check out her latest commissions for her clients

Fill this out if you know what you are looking for or have an idea and have even more to say - write it down! Then you can forward this to me and attach this filled out and completed document as an outline on what you are looking for - If you don't already know. This will help us both.

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